BEST se lanza fuerte este año!


Empezamos 2016 con el kickoff de BEST con un video que destaca toda la felicidad y diversión de los Beyond English School Talleres.



Sagrado Corazón, Lo Espejo

20 motivated 4th and 5th grade students from Lo Espejo have started learning English with Athena and Liam in Sagrado Corazón.  With many returning students and a handful of new and motivated learners, the year is sure to be full of enthusiasm, songs, games and growth in speaking and listening skills.

Colegio Padre Jose Kentenich, Puente Alto

Kaitlyn and Tobias travel to Padre Jose Kentenich on Mondays and Wednesdays to teach English and beyond to pre-kindergarten through 4th grade students in Puente Alto. This expanded pilot program will allow us to experiment with the BE methodology in classrooms of very young learners for the first time!  The youngest students receive classes that are conducted in strictly English. Using context clues and body language, the little scholars are able to play games, sing songs and follow basic instructions with the support of their very engaging teachers.

Escuela Libertadores de Chile, Santiago Centro

Irene and Emma bring energy and joy to the 4th grade classroom at Escuela Libertadores de Chile in Santiago Centro.  The 31 scholars have already begun reviewing the songs that they learned last year, including “Days of the Week” and “Alive, Awake, Alert, Enthusiastic!”  Another popular ballad from last year was Pharrell’s “Happy”, a song that students were excited to show off for their new teachers!  

Colegio Villa Lourdes, Lo Prado

This year, Heather, Gina, Rebecca and Megan are working with 5th and 6th graders from Villa Lourdes in Lo Prado.  The returning 6th grade students are highly motivated to learn English, and have shown great and lasting improvements in their vocabulary, as well as their capacity to understand and interact with the language, even after a long summer break!  The following semester will challenge them to create their own curriculum based on the things that they are interested in!  The 5th graders are new to the BEST program, and will kick off the year learning new vocabulary and phrases in order to experiment with English in the fun and positive BEST atmosphere.

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