Finalista Chileno del Concurso The Venture se Prepara Para Ganar con Beyond English

Four years ago, Mario Soto and his wife, Sara Droguett, reinvented themselves. A former veterinarian and nutritionist, respectively, the two combined forces to form DiagnoChip, a startup focused on detecting instances of urinary tract infections (UTIs) more quickly and effectively than the current method.

“We wanted to improve the quality of life of vulnerable populations,” he said.

Founders of DiagnoChip, Mario Soto and his wife, Sara Droguett

 Now, the duo is in the running for a share of the $1Million fund from the Venture. After gaining a coveted finalist spot with 26 other startups around the world, DiagnoChip’s founders are spreading the word via social media in order to get a share of $250,000 through online votes.

Their next step? In English, Mario must convince a panel of judges in New York City to select his company to enter the final round.  That’s where Beyond English comes in.  “As a social enterprise dedicated to using English as a vehicle for social impact, we are excited and committed to help Mario succeed,” said Courtney Yarsley, CEO of Beyond English.  Mario has been preparing and practicing his pitch with Beyond English for the past few months.

Athena Carlson, Mario’s instructor at Beyond English

“The teachers are committed to the results,” he said. “They are absolutely engaged in your success.”

And success is Soto’s goal. He is confident that DiagnoChip can win the entire competition. His wife echoes the same confidence in the company.

“It’s been an avalanche,” she said. “But winning will make it worth the while.”